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Digital Media Art


I originally created art with painterly media - acrylics, brushes, canvases, inks, oils and pastels, but in 1998 I started using Photoshop, version 3, and since then I've stayed strictly in the digital realm. I used scans of photographs to create compositions and, later, used a digital camera so the entire design process was electronic. Now, I use the current versions of many digital media art programs, including Photoshop, to create my work.


I live in Maine with my wife and family. I’m a certified Aṣṭāṅga Yoga teacher and trainer and practitioner of Āyurveda, specializing in Āyurvedic psychology and bone setting, which I’ve also been practicing since 1998. In addition to my counseling and bone setting practice, I teach Classical Aṣṭāṅga āsana classes and write books on self-improvement, relationships and most recently, vegan cooking. Look me up on Amazon!


Thank you!